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We dare you to visit. To get in balance via the beats of Zermatt. Looking to relax and recharge? Come rest. Hungry for new memories and adventures? Come move. Ready to find your FLOW? Come visit.

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FLOW is inherently restorative and pleasurable. It's that rare state of being completely absorbed in what you're doing. Things are effortless. Life is energising. Here's THE SCHLOSS METHOD to finding your FLOW...

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1. Focus Read

Distraction is the enemy. FLOW needs mindfulness not self-consciousness. No internal or external noise, just intuitive engagement. How? CBD Spa, yoga, skiing.

2. Liveliness Read

FLOW is feeling alive with energy, clarity and zest - things that come from giving your body what it needs. How? Powerful breakfast, restorative sleep, easy-going environment.

3. Openness Read

FLOW is being open to new moods, connections and frivolities. Getting instant positive feedback and satisfaction. How? Time at the bar, in Zermatt, playing games, tobogganing.

4. Well-Balanced Read

Be stretched but not overwhelmed. Prioritise your interests and push your body. With FLOW, every action is intrinsically rewarding. How? Gym, yoga, swim, outdoor challenges.


At SCHLOSS Zermatt, finding your FLOW can take you anywhere: our CBD Spa, free yoga, workouts, waffles, walking around Zermatt… Wherever you want to go, our team will help you find the way.

Rooms, Suites & Apartments 01
Schloss Zermatt Rooms New Concept Newcamera.001 001

Each bedroom is designed to boost physical and mental recovery, enhance mood, and deliver a restorative rest in beds from the experts at Jensen.


CBD & Adaptogenic Spa 02
Schloss Zermatt Schlossspa Relaxing Room 01

Built on the power of CBD and functional mushrooms, the spa is our HQ for vital recovery with several saunas, baths, relaxation and treatment rooms.


Gym & Sport 03
Schloss Zermatt Schlosssport 02

Move and mould in our functional area. Fire up the body via a programme of free and daily fitness classes. Go 1 on 1 with a personal training session.


Yoga 04
Schloss Zermatt Schlossyoga 07

From upbeat and dynamic, to slow and gentle flow, with everything from beginner to pro. Free yoga and pilates classes run throughout the week.


Breakfast 05
Schloss Zermatt Breakfast 321A8820

A BIG reason to get out of bed. Protein-rich bowls, fluffy waffles, local eggs, fresh smoothies and a vegan corner will prep you for the day ahead.


Activities 06
Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8362 1

Walk, run, jog, trek, bike and hike around the giant alfresco gym of Zermatt. Or sit by the fire, read a book, and stare out on the world. Your call.


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Where will
the FLOW take you?

Enter a FLOW UP state to explore, experiment, and push a bit further than before. Opt to FLOW DOWN to ease off, unwind and refresh.

Select your mode

Schloss Zermatt Fitness 321A9314

Bodyweight training

Go against gravity. Our free bodyweight workout classes improve strength, endurance and power - firing up muscles for the mountains.

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A7759

Hikes & treks

Zermatt’s towering peaks, glaciers, and pristine alpine landscapes await. Pack your bag and scale the mountains for a day of nature-driven euphoria.

Schloss Zermatt Fitness 321A8929

Invigorating yoga

Rise and energise with free yoga classes that stretch and strengthen. Targeting full-body awareness, these classes will open you up to the day.

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8685

Trail running

Go alone or get a guide. Scenic routes, multiple terrains and well-marked trails make Zermatt a runner’s paradise.

Schloss Zermatt Schlossyoga 09

Restorative yoga

Let it all go. Our free yoga classes range from meditative motions to balanced breathing and focused connection. Newbie or regular? No matter.

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8722

Mountain biking

Get on your bike and dive into nature. Zermatt caters to all styles and skill levels. Bring your bike (we have storage) or hire from our partners.

Schloss Zermatt Fitness 321A9294

TRX classes

From push-ups to planks, straps are suspended from the ceiling to help you build core strength, increase lean muscle and improve mobility. 

Schloss Zermatt Dinners Out Zermatt Winter Aktivitaeten 02

Dinners out

Foodies be warned: Zermatt’s got a lot going on. Swiss dishes, alpine cuisine, plus a new wave of fine-dining and international fare.

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A7865

Nature dog walks

Easily accessible paths offer a gentle jaunt in nature. You can also take the cable car up the mountain, pack a picnic and enjoy the view.

Schloss Zermatt Fitness 321A9275

Kettlebell workouts

Combining strength, mobility, body balance and mental power, this is the ultimate conditioning class for both seasoned athletes and gym newbies.

Schloss Zermatt Night Our 02 Schlosshotel Zermatt Lounge Bar

Nights out

Live music, outdoor terraces, lounge bars and nightclubs make Zermatt a 24/7 experience. The laid-back vibe is ideal for time with friends and family.

Schloss Zermatt Schlossspa Relaxing Room 02

CBD & Adaptogenic Spa
SWITCH off the world

We breathe over 20,000 times a day. That’s 20,000 breaths you probably never think about. Time to take a proper breath? Head to our CBD Spa for moments of quiet, rest, remedy or therapy - all powered by organic CBD and vital mushrooms.


Schloss Zermatt Schlossspa Mood 01

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8551 2
Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8157
Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8668
Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8726
Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8125

Zermatt life
The Matterhorn & more

Soak up Zermatt’s rhythms and get into the swing of giving your body the good stuff. Matterhorn views are your guide to great days, with an assortment of adventures and activities on the cards.

Why SCHLOSS Zermatt?

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8157 Horizontal

You're in the action in seconds

We're tucked away on a quiet side street - 120 seconds from Zermatt’s buzz and the Gornergrat Railway that takes you straight up to the mountains.

Schloss Zermatt Fitness 321A9314

Get up, get out, get moving

Recharge batteries, rearrange cells, activate joy. SCHLOSS Zermatt champions adventure with balance. Wherever you go, and however you move, have fun.

Schloss Zermatt Schlossspa Salt Room 04

Feel good, naturally

CBD and vital mushrooms are nature’s way of treating the body and mind. Feel them work their magic via a treatment, therapy, or time in the spa.

Pamela & Alex Perren SW

Here since 1984

We, the Perren family, have been looking after the hotel and guests since 1984. That makes everything more personal. Your euphoria is in our hands.

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8641

Fill up on The Good Life

Think, do, feel, be. We live for the moment to fine the right balance. Ready to get the good times flowing? Come see us.