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Experience all
of life’s joys

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The state of FLOW can lead to the best stuff in life - new inspirations, interests and intentions - but finding it is tricky. You need a place that rebalances life and pushes you in all the right ways. A place like SCHLOSS Zermatt.

The light-hearted
& fun take on life

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Reach your peak

The good life starts with a good sleep. Go easy on yourself, get a sound night’s rest, and let Zermatt’s air and ethos take control.

CBD & Adaptogenic Spa 02
Schloss Zermatt Schlossspa Salt Room 01

Welcome to the moment

Our 630m² CBD & Adaptogenic Spa shuts out the noise to turn up the relaxation. Breathe, feel the water and air on your skin, let go to the moment.

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Schloss Zermatt Schlossyoga 05

Make your move

This is where the action is. In the gym, the pool, a free yoga class or a fitness workout. Or out on a hike, bike, walk or climb.

Ski Room 04
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Simple, safe, warm

After a bluebird day, it’s just a short walk back to us. Leave your gear in our secure ski room with its boot-drying facilities and tool workbench.

Games Room 05
Schloss Zermatt Game Room 01

Come and play

Ready for families and friends, the Games Room has table football, table tennis, darts, lego and more. Plus there’s snooker in the room next door.

Rent bikes or skis 06
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The best equipment at better prices

Don’t know who to rent from? We do. Whether’s it’s a bike, board, skis or helmet, we’ll help you hire the best and get a discount.

Bike Room 07
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Store, clean, service

Park up in our Bike Room and make full use of our cleaning and service station. Need to hire any kit? We’ll help you hire the best and get a discount.

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Our values: what to expect from us

01 - Easy-going

Come, go, flow. We’re straightforward and uncomplicated (although not to be confused with ordinary).

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Our values: what to expect from us


We’re family, literally, here to look after you and look out for you. If you’re happy then we’re happy.

Schloss Zermatt Outdoor 321A8749

Our values: what to expect from us


We like to stay on our toes and always look ahead, hungry to do more and push for better.

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Our values: what to expect from us


We challenge ourselves, and you, to stay in FLOW. We know when to push and pull.

Schloss Zermatt Breakfast 321A8834

Our values: what to expect from us

05 - FUN

We’re all here for a good time, not a long time, and SCHLOSS Zermatt is about the best of times. Joy, contentment, and squeezing the most out of life.

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Our values: what to expect from us


Everything is about balance. Coffee in the morning, cocktails in the evening. No judgement or expectations about what you should be doing.

Why SCHLOSS Zermatt?

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In the heart of Zermatt

SCHLOSS Zermatt is tucked away on a quiet side street - 120 seconds from Zermatt’s train station, coffee shops, ski shops and lux boutiques.

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Get up, get out, get moving

Recharge batteries, rearrange cells, activate joy. SCHLOSS Zermatt champions adventure with balance. Wherever you go, and however you move, have fun.

Schloss Zermatt Schlossspa Salt Room 04

Feel good, naturally

CBD and vital mushrooms are nature’s way of healing the human body and mind. Let them work their magic via a treatment, therapy, or time in the spa.

Pamela & Alex Perren SW

Here since 1984

We, the Perren family, have been looking after the hotel and guests since 1984. That makes everything more personal. Your euphoria is in our hands.

Schloss Zermatt Schlossyoga 08

Fill up on The Good Life

Think, do, feel, be. We’re about living for the moment and finding the right balance. Ready to get the good times flowing? Come see us.

to the family

We, the Perren family, have been looking after SCHLOSS Zermatt for nearly 40 years. In that time we’ve renovated, redesigned and evolved, but one thing has remained constant: our passion for looking after our guests (physical and mental).

SCHLOSS counters the imbalances of everyday life by offering a fun and re-energising mountain experience that challenges you to find your FLOW.

Pamela & Alex Perren SW
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