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Dog Hotel Zermatt

A dog is Zermatt’s best friend

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Zermatt is a natural paradise and playground for dogs. Here’s the ultimate dog guide to the village including dog-friendly restaurants and walks.

Dogs at SCHLOSS Zermatt

Dogs are more than welcome at SCHLOSS Zermatt. Here are few important notes:

  1. If you’re bringing your dog, CHF 15 is charged per day. This includes food and water bowls, and a dog basket in your room.

  2. When inside the hotel, please keep your dog on a lead.

  3. Dogs are not allowed in the breakfast room, CBD & Adaptogenic Spa, Gym or pool area. But, they are welcome in the Games Room, lounge and at the bar.

  4. Please keep your dog on the floor. Sofas, beds, and chairs are reserved for our two-legged guests!

  5. If you plan to leave your dog unattended in the hotel room for a long period of time, please leave your telephone number at the reception desk. This is so we can contact you if your dog barks or anything happens.

  6. If your dog is the only one in the room and you’re not there, please hang the dog sign on the door. We’ll then know not to enter and will wait until it’s clear to clean.

  7. In the event of any above-average mess (e.g. dog in the bed or on the sofa) we reserve the right to charge an additional final cleaning fee of up to CHF 100. In the case of damaged inventory, we will liaise with your dog liability insurance.

Zermatt’s dog rules

Dogs enjoy free travel on Zermatt’s mountain transport, but here are a few general rules to keep in mind:

  1. Except when in the designated areas, dogs must always be on a leash when walking and must be kept under control at all times. Even when dogs are let off the leash, they must always be within sight and recall distance.

  2. When meeting other dog owners, hikers, bikers, walkers or passers-by, dogs should immediately be put on a leash.

  3. Dogs should not pee in inappropriate places and dog faeces should always be collected in a small bag and disposed of in the correct waste bin.

  4. Dogs should not enter meadows when the crops are growing. Dog-hunting behaviour is to be prevented. During the breeding and sowing season, dogs must be kept on a leash in the forest and in the surrounding area.
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Nanny and doggy day care

Need someone to look after your dog while you head out for a day or night in a mountain hut? Try Pfotennanny: As a trained animal carer FBA, the Pfotennanny offers you individual, personal, professional, and loving pet care. Telephone: +41 79 418 61 39. Email: [email protected].


If your pet is unwell or hurt, contact the emergency veterinary service on 0900 811 818.

Dog-friendly restaurants in Zermatt’s mountains

  • In Ecke Findeln: Findlerhof or Adler Hitta
  • In Ecke Rothorn: Fluhalp
  • In Ecke Riffelalp: Alphitta
  • In Ecke Furi: Blatten or Zum See

Dog-friendly restaurants in Zermatt village

  • Italian: Casa Mia, Vieux Valais da Nico, Grampis, Z’ART or Molino
  • Swiss: Arvenstube, Rossstall or Avena
  • Grill: Chez Max Julen
  • Fine-dining: Cervo or L’Atelier Grandsire

Dog walks in winter

Dogs are not allowed on Zermatt’s slopes. However, they are allowed to join you on snowshoe hikes through the snow-covered forests. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Blauherd - Fluhalp (about 1 hour one-way): this path is well-exposed to the winter sun. It stretches steadily along at 2500 metres towards Fluhalp where there is a refreshment stop. Tip: keep an eye out for the chamois on the hillside.

  2. Tuftern - Sunnegga (about 1 hour one-way): this flat winter hike leads from Sunnegga through loose trees to Tuftern where refreshments are available. Beware: this walk involves two ski piste crossings.

  3. Riffelalp - Chämihütte - Ritti- Furi - Zermatt (about 2 hours): this trail descends in gentle zigzags through the winter forest to Zermatt. Refreshments are available at Riffelalp and en route. Beware: it’s best to wear spikes as the path can become slippery now and then.
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Short dog walks in summer and winter

  1. AHV Trail (about 45 minutes): not far from the hotel but still in the mountains, get the Sunnegga lift up to Riedweg and then follow the tranquil uphill path. On the way back, take a leisurely stroll through the village or the AHV trail in the other direction.

  2. Area for dogs to run free between Vispa and Schluhmattstrasse: for a quick walk early in the morning, go down by the river in the direction of Sunnegga. Along the river you’ll walk towards the Matterhorn with a magnificent view, and you can let your dog off the lead between the Vispa and Schluhmattstrasse. For a more extended walk, take the hiking trail towards Furi.

  3. Alex’s afternoon walk (about 1.5 hours): set off from the hotel and walk to the back of the village, then up to the hamlet of Blatten with its beautiful chapel. Between Blatten and Moos you’ll cross a wooden bridge before reaching the forest near Moos. A highlight of this circular route is the crossing of the Findelbach bridge. The spectacular bridge is 93 metres long and spans Findelbach at a height of 50 metres. The last section also leads through the forest, with the flat AHV trail taking you back to Zermatt.
    Tip: this one isn’t suitable for dogs who don’t like heights and, depending on the season, be careful of sheep in the pasture on the trail towards Blatten.

  4. Zermatt - Z'mutt (about 1 hour one-way): on the sunny side of Zermatt, this tranquil hiking trail leads towards Z'mutt with the Matterhorn almost always in view. After about 1 hour of hiking, you’ll reach the small hamlet of Z'mutt where you can rest. From there, there are several ways to return: over the bridge at the reservoir and then along the road direction of Furi, or via the Culture Trail back to the village.
    Tips: there are many squirrels to spot on this route, and Z’mutt is usually busy in the summer so it's best to keep your dog on a leash. The bridge is not suitable for dogs with a fear of heights, while the return path via Fury has many cars and bikes on the road.

  5. Zermatt - Täsch (railway trail of about 1-1.5 hours): the hiking trail towards Täsch begins almost directly behind SCHLOSS Zermatt. The trail leads through areas with and without forest, over stock and stone, meadows, and pastures. Weather permitting, you can watch the helicopters in action at the Air Zermatt heliport at the entrance of the village of Zermatt. At the end of the route, why not for a cold-water dip in Schali Lake?!
    Tip: there are many marmots to spot along the way and a level crossing to keep an eye on in Täsch and Zermatt.

  6. Zermatt - Sunnegga (forest trail of about 2.5 hours): the perfect trail for a hot summer’s day. A flat hike takes you in the direction of Tuftern. From there, you head slightly downhill towards Zermatt. Thanks to the forest, this trail is cool and pleasant to walk (just keep an eye on the mountain bikers and kick bikers on the path).

  7. Zermatt - Winkelmatten - Unterer Höhenweg - Tiefenmatten (about 3 hours): this is a beautiful circular trail around Zermatt, away from the hustle and bustle and with fantastic views. From Winkelmatten the route initially winds in the direction of Findeln but, shortly before Findeln, you turn onto the Höhenweg trail. This leads you through rocks, colourful meadows, and green forests along the mountain.

Beware: those afraid of heights may not like this one so much, plus there are many wild animals on the route.

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