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Husky rides with Matterhorn views

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Ever tried dog sledding? In the shadow of the Matterhorn, this is an experience you’ll be glad you gave a go.

Huskies are thickly coated sled dogs. Bred to work in packs, and able to endure extreme weather conditions, they played a crucial role in the expeditions that led Robert Peary's team to the North Pole in 1909 and Roald Amundsen to the South Pole in 1912. Remarkably, a husky can comfortably pull a 50kg load for 100km in temperatures as low as -50 degrees.

How do husky rides work?

The beauty of a husky ride is that it’s accessible to people of all ages and inclinations. Whether you’re a skier or not, it’s a great chance to glide through Zermatt’s mountains and get lost in the moment.

The husky dogs wear X-type harnesses to evenly distribute traction tension along their backs. The dogs are harnessed in pairs, connected by collars, and controlled by a driver called a ‘musher’.

Being a musher is about more than just issuing commands or steering the sled. It requires establishing a trust and bond with the dogs, interpreting their body language, and collaborating as a team.

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Husky rides in Zermatt

In winter, husky rides take place on a private circuit on Trockener Steg at almost 3,000 metres.

Once you’ve taken the gondola to Trockener Steg, you’ll meet your guide and huskies before heading out on a 2km-groomed track. Along the way, and depending on which company you book a ride with, photos are taken and snacks are provided.

Dog sledding might not be at the top of your to-do list in Zermatt, but it really should be. Whether you adore dogs, crave adventure or just want to try something different, wrap up warm, hop on a sled, and get ready for a good time.

If you want to try dog sledding while you’re here, let us know and we can organise the whole thing.

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