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Sleep Hotel Recover Well Zermatt

Importance of fuel & recovery

Sleep In Zermatt

In our age of hyper-productivity, it can be tempting to choose output and results over wellbeing and feelings. But put simply: you perform at your best when you’re adequately nourished and well-rested.

It’s why we put so much focus on food and rest at SCHLOSS Zermatt. By exercising, eating well, recovering through sleep or the spa, and staying hydrated, you’re more likely to be at your sharpest and increase the likelihood of getting in your FLOW.

Food for fuel,
fuel for FLOW

Hunger is a real source of distraction, and distraction can prevent you from finding FLOW.

Before you rush to eat something, it’s important to note what you’re eating. Junk food and high-sugar drinks might give a quick boost of energy, but they can lead to a sugar crash later which will disturb your state of FLOW.

You want high-quality foods that release glucose slowly into the bloodstream: whole foods such as nuts, fruit, vegetables, seeds, lean meats… The stuff you’ll find filling our daily breakfasts.

Besides the basics of eating well, you can also eat specific foods that have the qualities you’d like to embody. For example, adaptogenic foods can keep you calm while under pressure, helping you adapt to a changing environment with more ease.

Wellnesshotel Zermatt

Sleep Driven Focus Hotel Zermatt
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Sleep well,
FLOW well

Sleep is an intricate physiological process that has a crucial role in cognitive functions, emotional regulation, and overall wellbeing. It encompasses various stages, such as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and different phases of non-REM sleep. Each stage contributes distinctively to cognitive and physical recovery as well as overall development.

A lack of sleep has a strong impact on mental and behavioural states. It reduces our cognitive energy for activities - meaning concentration is more challenging - and this makes entering a state of FLOW more difficult. Plus, even if we can enter that state, the positive effects of FLOW can be reduced by a lack of energy.

To achieve a state of flow, it's essential to be well-rested and re-energised. A good night's sleep enhances alertness and promotes better focus during the day - a sensation many of us have undoubtedly experienced after restful sleep.

Sleep Hotel Recover Well Zermatt

Ways to optimise your sleep for FLOW

  1. Establish a regular sleep schedule: consistently adhering to a set sleep-wake cycle helps synchronise the body's circadian rhythm, improving sleep quality and cognitive functioning.

  2. Prioritise sleep hygiene: cultivating a sleep-conducive environment - characterised by a dark, cool room and a comfortable mattress - has a significant impact on overall sleep quality.

  3. Mindfulness and relaxation exercises: engaging in these exercises aids in a seamless transition into sleep, ultimately enhancing its quality.

  4. Mindful nutrition: maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding large meals, caffeine, and alcohol in proximity to bedtime, are crucial factors that can contribute to better sleep.

Want to find your FLOW? Come and see us.

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