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The power of yoga

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Yoga is for everyone. It allows us to switch off, build mindfulness, and bring our body back into balance.

Yoga can be as important as that first meal of your day. When you take your first deep breaths and turn your focus on, things feel lighter. By straightening and stretching, you activate your body for the day ahead, warming it up for mountain tours, snowboarding, climbing, or simply a more FLOW-filled day.

Below are some tips for getting the most out of the yoga at SCHLOSS Zermatt…

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I’m a beginner, what do you recommend?

  1. Have confidence. Don't be afraid of new exercises or challenges as it’s these things that help us unlock our FLOW.

  2. Don’t compare yourself to others. It doesn't matter if the person next to you can do a handstand or is wearing the latest kit from a catalogue. Yoga is all about you.

I’m a pro, what do you suggest?

Switch up your practice and exercises. Not every day is the same and you should ask yourself: what is good for my body today? Does it need a gentle flow or a new challenge? A little change now and then keeps your body and mind alert.

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Just breathe

The stabilising discipline of focused-breathing equips you for the day, with deep breathing into the abdomen sharpening awareness and encouraging more mobility. Focusing on your breathing shuts off everyday life and brings clarity to the mind.

FLOW up in the morning

A morning yoga flow should mobilise your spine and joints, activate the muscles, and get the metabolism going. A slow yet dynamic sequence of movements will gently awaken your mind and body, and help you connect to your breathing rhythms.

FLOW down in the afternoon

A good cooldown yoga session allows you to unwind and let your body recover from the challenges of the day. The focus here is on letting go and getting into the moment. This will help your body regenerate itself through specific stretching of active muscles, balancing exercises, yin yoga elements and meditation.

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Three poses
to try

  1. Three-legged dog: a variation of downward dog, the three-legged dog stretches your thigh and calf muscles, opens the hips, and strengthens the abdominal and back muscles as you bring your knee alternately to your right and left elbow. Tip: tighten your abs to avoid falling backwards.

  2. Reverse warrior: this opens your flanks, strengthens core muscles, and works particularly well in combination with your breathing rhythm. When inhaling, bring your body weight onto your back leg, position your hand loosely on your back thigh, then bring your top arm in a wide arc over your head. When exhaling, shift the weight to the front leg and bring the opposite arm over the head to come into a peaceful warrior.

  3. Open lunge: this stretches your hip flexors and glutes, and mobilises your lower back. Hold this position for about five breaths to open the chest and back muscles and strengthen the legs. Tip: always make sure that your front knee is positioned at a right angle (foot below your knee joint) so that you avoid strong pressure on the kneecap.

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