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These are the stories that guide us and the activities that excite us. The former lay out our approach to life at SCHLOSS and beyond, the latter go deep on how to make the most of your time in Zermatt.

The Best Spa Zermatt

FLOW-based wellness

FLOW is that rare state of being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in an activity. At SCHLOSS Zermatt, we love FLOW.
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The power of yoga

Yoga is for everyone. It allows us to switch off, build mindfulness, and bring our body back into balance.
Sleep Hotel Recover Well Zermatt

Importance of fuel & recovery

Put simply: you perform at your best when you’re adequately nourished and well-rested.
Familienhotel Zermatt

Zermatt: made for families

Zermatt's mountain railways, lifts, ski schools and restaurants are made for kids and families. Ready our full family guide.
Pamela & Alex Perren SW

The Perren Family house since 1984

SCHLOSS Zermatt is a family-run feel-good hotel in the heart of Zermatt. A place to fill up on life in all its goodness.
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Take a hike

Zermatt’s hiking trails span from leisurely strolls to high alpine adventures. Here's a full overview of where to walk.
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Sports to challenge, empower and catalyse

Staying active is a cornerstone to life at SCHLOSS Zermatt. This might mean lifting weights or sliding into child’s pose.
Ski Hotel Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt

360 kms of blue, red, black and yellow runs = the stuff of snow-filled dreams. Here’s everything you need to know.
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Summer life in Zermatt

Adventure is medicine for the modern soul, and Zermatt is a multi-sport hotspot in the summer.
Best Restaurants In Zermatt

Shopping, eating and dancing in Zermatt

Day and night, over 100 restaurants, bars, and shops bring together both locals and visitors.
Dog Hotel Zermatt

A dog is Zermatt’s best friend

Zermatt is a natural paradise and playground for dogs. Here’s a guide to the best dog-friendly restaurants, walks and more.
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Get on your bike

Zermatt is a biking paradise with natural and shaped trails in varying degrees of difficulty.

4-Day 4-Element Retreat with Adeline

This October, we’re teaming up with Adeline Frossard for a new yoga/nature/spa retreat that’ll get bodies back in balance.
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Running Uphill and Down Hill

Trail Running, a form of long distance running on unpaved and unmarked footpaths.
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Hiking in the winter

Snowshoeing & winter hikes can take you to undiscovered hamlets and sun-drenched terraces with views of Zermatt, Täsch and Randa.
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The peaks of paragliding

Fly like a bird to find a fresh perspective of Zermatt. Paragliding is one of the village’s ultimate winter adventures.