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Ski Hotel Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt

Ki Hotel Zermatt

360 kms of blue, red, black and yellow runs = the stuff of snow-filled dreams. Here’s everything you need to know about making the most of your time on Zermatt’s slopes…

Renting skis

Before you rent anything, speak to our team as they can help you get a discount on your hire.

If you’re a beginner then the kind of ski you rent isn’t essential, however people often recommend one that’s light and has a shorter length (up to the skin). Of course, your boots should always be as comfortable as possible so don’t be afraid to return to the rental shop if they’re not.

Buying skis? Try them first

If you’re buying skis then it’s always best to test them. You can do this at the Stöckli Ski Test Centre, where our guests can try their desired model for CHF 39 per half-day, and CHF 59 per whole day.

When testing skis it's worth breaking your habits and choosing something different from what you're used to. Sometimes, our head doesn't allow us to admit that a certain style of ski is not the right ski for us at that moment. If you’re on the slopes all day, choose a more comfortable ski. But if you’re only there for two hours in the morning, opt for one that’s a bit more sporty so it challenges you.

On the slopes in no time

SCHLOSS Zermatt is a two-minute walk from the Gornergrat railway, and five minutes from the Sunnegga funicular station. Wherever you want to ski, you’ll be there with very little effort.

Favourite piste

One of our favourite pistes is Kumme. Start from the Rothorn and then go down to the left. There used to be pure natural snow here with hardly any people. That’s now changed but the view when you go around the corner and see the Matterhorn is still epic.

Skiing In Zermatt

Booking an instructor

If you want to improve your skills or find your way around the slopes, a ski instructor or guide is always a great decision. You can book a coach directly with us.

Train for skiing

This training can start weeks before your arrival at SCHLOSS Zermatt, or take place in our gym while you’re here. Either way, there are three things you can do to improve your skiing:

  1. Increase leg strength: both on descents and ascents, the muscle groups on the back of the thighs are heavily used, so well-trained muscles will help prevent injuries. Split squads - which train the muscles of the front of the thighs and the buttocks - are very effective, as are single-leg deadlifts and step-ups. Single-leg balancing will also help with your coordination.

  2. Build and expand endurance: endurance is key, especially when it comes to ski touring. Polarised training helps here. This involves structuring a training plan where the predominant training stress is either at a low or high intensity. In contrast to alternative training methods, a polarised training plan minimises, or eliminates, time spent at moderate intensity levels.

  3. Work on your core: a strong torso and set of abdominal muscles will ensure you have stability on the slopes. Good exercises for the abs are V-Ups (also known as the Superman) and side planks.

Final thought

Skiing is a great way of entering a FLOW state. The mountains and slopes give you immediate feedback and your focus is centred on ace activity. However long you spend doing it, it will bring clarity and blow off any mental cobwebs.

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