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Take a hike

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Boasting 35+ 4000-metre peaks in close proximity, and an extensive network of over 400 km of hiking trails, Zermatt’s hiking trails span from leisurely strolls to high alpine adventures. Below are four potential trails for summer.

Summer trails

1. Zermatt - Gorner Gorge - Blatten mountain restaurant (playground) - Ricola Herb Garden - Zermatt (about 1.5 hours)

Overview: everyone will enjoy this hike and it doesn’t require a lot of planning. At the end of Zermatt village (about 25 minutes walking distance from the hotel), a well-marked path leads through the Gorner Gorge to the mountain restaurant Blatten. After a good meal there, take a detour to the Ricola Garden where you can learn how the fine herbal drops are made.

Gorner Gorge: since the last ice age, the waters of the Gornervispe have carved an ever deeper chasm that makes for a very impressive sight as you walk along the wooden walkways through the gorge.

Ricola Herb Garden: here you can learn about the 13 herbs from which the world-famous drops are created. Information boards provide details about the herbs and their properties.

2. Zermatt - Sunnegga - Blauherd - Marmot Trail - Lake Leisee (playground) - return via Sunnegga Funicular (a day trip)

Marmot: in summer, the Marmot observation post can be reached on foot from Sunnegga in a few minutes. The marmot-themed trail explains interesting facts about these popular burrow dwellers.

Leisee: this is Zermatt's bathing paradise. A children's playground and barbecue areas invite you to stay a while.

Sunnegga Funicular: running through the interiors of the mountain, get a seat right at the front or back of the funicular so that the little ones have the best view through the tunnel on the rapid ride.

3. Zermatt - Furi - Suspension Bridge - Dossen Glacier Garden with Forest Playground – Furi

Overview: take the gondola to Furi and, from there, do a short 30-minute hike to the suspension bridge. Immediately after this you’ll see the Dossen forest playground which is nicely laid out and great for picnicking and relaxing.

Suspension bridge: this runs 90 metres above the Gorner Gorge. The view down into the roaring waters of the Gornera displays shows nature in all its glory.

Glacier Garden with forest playground: in the garden you can follow the traces of glacial erosion on secured paths. The holes formed thousands of years ago, called glacier pots, are clearly visible, as is a rock cave. In the playground you have a climbing stone, swings, hanging xylophone and well-equipped barbecue area.

4. Zermatt - Täsch – Lake Schalisee - Zermatt (a day at the lake)

Overview: this pleasant hiking trail in the direction of Täsch begins almost directly behind the hotel (about 5 minutes away). The path leads through areas with and without forest, over hill and dale, meadows and pastures.

Air Zermatt Heliport: weather permitting, you can observe the helicopters at the end of Zermatt village.

Lake Schalisee: a well-deserved dip in Lake Schalisee awaits you at the end of your walk. Snacks are available so the tired little hikers can regain their strength with an ice cream or something more filling.

Final thought

For even more walks and hikes, head to Zermatt’s official website:

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Top three winter
hikes for families

1. AHV Trail - Winkelmatten Playground - Return (about 1.5 hours)

This is a beautiful circular trail around Zermatt. The Sunnegga lift brings you up to Riedweg where you then follow a tranquil uphill path. There are various puzzles and hands-on stations along the way to keep the kids entertained. When you arrive in Winkelmatten you can stop off at the playground and, depending on how you feel, return to the hotel by E-bus or on foot.

2. Rotenboden - Igloo Village - Riffelberg

Take the Gornergrat train up to Rotenboden. From there, the walk all the way to the igloo village is a highlight for the whole family. If you’re hungry there are delicious fondues in the rustic igloo village. After that, it's on to Riffelberg.
Tip: take a toboggan with you for the children!

3. Tuftern (about 1-1.5 hours)

Close by, and yet far enough from the hustle and bustle. The funicular railway brings you conveniently to Sunnegga. From there, a beautiful well-prepared winter hiking trail leads towards Tuftern. When you arrive at Tuftern you can stop for a small snack but the restaurant is very basic. A nearby feeding trough will attract the deer and chamois towards the end of the afternoon.
Tip: again, take the toboggan with you. This will give the little ones a break along the hike.


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