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Boasting 35+ 4000-metre peaks in close proximity, and an extensive network of over 400 km of hiking trails, Zermatt’s hiking trails span from leisurely strolls to high alpine adventures. Below are six potential trails for summer.

5-lake hike - for those seeking refreshment

The 5-lake hike is ideal for beginners and families. It takes about three hours and covers an altitude difference of around 450 metres. The trail connects the lakes Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee and Leisee, with the Matterhorn reflected in three of these lakes as a perfect photo motif. The Ze Seewijinu, a cosy restaurant at 2300 metres above sea level between Gornergrat and Rothorn, is a great place to eat. All dishes are freshly prepared and there is nothing better than savouring them with a direct view of the Matterhorn.

Zermatt to Zmutt - for beginners or connoisseurs

Another suitable hike for beginners is the route from Zermatt to Zmutt. The way back is preferably via Furi and the suspension bridge. The family-run Blatten restaurant at the foot of the Matterhorn is a good place for lunch. Easily accessible via the Zmuttweg or via Moos in around 40 minutes from Zermatt, a visit to the hamlet also invites you to visit the Gorner Gorge and, in summer, the Ricola herb garden.

Edelweiss - Trift - Hobalm-Arbenbach - Zmutt - for sports enthusiasts

This hike takes seven to eight hours and covers around 1200 metres in altitude on the 20-kilometre route. A special tip is to stop off at Berghaus Trift at 2337 metres above sea level, famous for its iced tea and homemade cakes. Afterwards, you can enjoy a picnic or lunch at Ze Seewjinu.

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Zermatt via Zmutt to Stafel - for those with stamina

With a duration of five to six hours and an elevation gain of around 600 metres, this hike is less long and intensive. It is advisable to bring your own picnic so that you can take a break at the lakes around Innerer Stafel. There is no better place to eat outdoors than here!

The Europaweg - for those with a head for heights

From Sunegga via Randa, this hike takes around six to seven hours and involves an ascent of around 500 metres. The highlight of this hike is the crossing of the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps. At almost 500 metres, you can walk on footbridges over the Zermatt valley. The bridge spans the Grabengufer from Lärchenberg to Höüschbiel and reaches a height of 85 metres above the ground at its highest point. If you look up as well as down, you can enjoy the view of the Matterhorn, the Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps. Access to the bridge is free and it can also be reached from Randa in two to two and a half hours on foot. Important: a head for heights is a prerequisite for the visit.

Final thought

For even more walks and hikes, head to Zermatt’s official website:

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