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FLOW-based wellness

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FLOW is that rare state of being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in an activity. Time flies and you’re ‘in the zone’. Buzzing, buoyant, moving, making and marvelling. Things feel effortless, enjoyable, and energising.

At SCHLOSS Zermatt, everything is designed to help you get in your FLOW.

Mountain adventures, free yoga and workouts, easy-going vibes, family-run service, a CBD Spa, restorative bedrooms, and a central location so you can explore every one of Zermatt’s many highlights.

Why is FLOW so important?

Being in a state of FLOW balances cortisol and stress levels. Dopamine is released, helping you feel more relaxed, optimistic, energised, and dedicated to a task at hand. This makes being in FLOW an inherently restorative and pleasurable experience.

“The flow experience, like everything else, is not ‘good’ in an absolute sense. It is good only in that it has the potential to make life more rich, intense, and meaningful; it is good because it increases the strength and complexity of the self.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (author of ‘Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Consciousness’)

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What do you need to enter
your FLOW state?

There are endless ways to find FLOW, but at SCHLOSS Zermatt we prioritise an approach that is:


TL;DR: FLOW needs flow.

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1. Focus

To enter FLOW, whatever you’re doing has to have your complete attention. Focused-attention on what you’re doing eliminates external and internal distractions, freeing you from self-monitoring and enhancing your intuitive engagement.

At SCHLOSS, this focus might take you to our CBD Spa, a free yoga class, downtime in the lounge, or time up in the mountains. In these moments you're focused on your breath, movement, and intention.

2. Lively

Getting into FLOW requires energy and clarity, which in turn requires a rested mind and a refuelled body.

At SCHLOSS, this happens through nutrient-dense breakfasts, restorative sleeps and a laid-back environment. Obstacles to living well are removed to put you in control.

Sleep hygiene plays a crucial role in our ability to sustain a peak FLOW state. These are the habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis, and they form the basis for the sleep kits you’ll find in your bedroom.

3. Open

Receiving instant feedback is key to getting in FLOW. Understanding how well we’re doing serves as a compass, directing us towards the correct course and enabling us to adapt our actions as needed.

At SCHLOSS, when you’re open to connection and frivolity - whether in the bar, walking through Zermatt, playing games, or tobogganing like a teenager - your thoughts and feelings give you instant positive feedback. You’re having fun (and few things top that).

4. Well-balanced

A FLOW activity is rewarding for its own sake, and not for the outcome i.e. your enjoyment of it doesn’t depend on how good you are/were at it.

This freeing sense of enjoyment and fulfilment becomes the driving force behind our motivation, propelling us into a state of FLOW. You’re stretched but not overwhelmed, prioritising your interests and pushing your body.

At SCHLOSS, a well-balanced approach means enjoying the full spectrum of life. Action in the gym, pool or Zermatt mountains. Or coffees outside, fine-dining meals and late-night aperitifs.

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FLOW unlocks life

Being in FLOW brings an enjoyment that goes beyond a temporary high. It brings a general sense of wellbeing, fulfilment, and joy. Three things any life can benefit from.

Ready to get the good times flowing? Come see us.

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