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4-Day 4-Element Retreat with Adeline


This October (03/10 - 06/10), SCHLOSS Zermatt and Adeline Frossard will host a new yoga/nature/spa retreat that uses all four elements (earth, water, fire, air) to get bodies and minds back in balance.
You can see more details about the retreat on this page, but below is an intro to Adeline, the importance of the elements, and a provisional schedule to get you going.

Meet Adeline

Adeline is a Switzerland-based yoga teacher who came to her practice via her passion: the mountains.

Having grown up on winters of skiing and climbing, and summers of hiking and biking, she turned to yoga as a way to find balance, fuel self-confidence, and boost body awareness and acceptance.

Now - having accumulated over 650 hours of training in vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, elemental yoga and BodyART - she comes to SCHLOSS Zermatt to lead a 4-day retreat that’s all about balance.

In the words of Adeline: “We’re all sensitive to energy variations according to time, the seasons, life events, our emotional state, energy levels and health. That's why I've developed different practices combining my experience of yoga, ayurveda, and nature so that people can find what works for them.”


The power of the elements

Our October retreat with Adeline combines yoga with the elements of earth, water, fire and air. Adeline explains why this is so important for a holistic retreat…

“Each element represents different qualities and aspects of life. They are essential components of the universe, and of our inner being, which is why connecting them with yoga is so transformational.”

“The earth element, or Prithvi in Sanskrit, is associated with all that is dense in us. With solidity. It strengthens the foundation of a yoga practice, helping you to feel grounded and maintain balance.”

“Water, or Appa in Sanskrit, makes up 65-75% of our body. It has a calming effect and symbolises the ability to reduce stress and cultivate a state of inner calm.”

“Fire, or Agni in Sanskrit, shines in our eyes, in the sun, in light. It burns away impurities and enables spiritual growth.”

“And finally, air, or Vayu in Sanskrit, gives rhythm to our lives. It symbolises the need to be open to change. To move our body and create a lighter spirit.”

By giving every day of our retreat a particular elemental focus, we’ll tap into each of the core pillars that make us human: balance, calm, growth, and lightness.


The retreat’s schedule


15 hrs: arrivals
16 hrs: welcome and introductions over tea
17-18.30 hrs: opening yoga and meditation session in the Yoga Room
19.30 hrs: dinner together in a local restaurant


08-09.30 hrs: vinyasa yoga
10-11 hrs: brunch
11.30-16 hrs: following a short drive, hike to the Rifflesee for a meditation and pranayama session. To return to Zermatt, you have the option to train, hike or walk. In case of bad weather, an alternative hike and indoor yoga session will be offered.
Evening: free time to enjoy our CBD & Adaptogen Spa, book a treatment, or explore Zermatt.


08-09 hrs: dynamic vinyasa yoga
10-11 hrs: brunch
11-15 hrs: free time
15-18 hrs: short hike to our secret yoga platform for sunset meditation and yoga by the fire
19.30 hrs: dinner together in a local restaurant


08-09.30 hrs: yoga and pranayama session
10-11 hrs: brunch
11.30-12.30 hrs: ‘Yoga Should Feel Good’ workshop: how to adapt your practice to your energy and environment
12.30 hrs: reflections and goodbyes over tea
Afternoon: free time. You’re welcome to spend the day at SCHLOSS Zermatt and continue using our facilities.

Ready to FLOW?

For more information on what’s included in the retreat, and to book, head here.
See you in October!

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